Another MMORPG on the Horizon, Pardner


I've been having a tough time deciding whether to post this or not. I'm always skeptical about the way we seem to hype ourselves into a lather about upcoming games. It's even worse when we don't even know when the game might be released. So take this interview at GameSpyDaily about a possible upcoming old west (of the USA) MMORPG at face value. As far as I could tell from the interview, it's a wee bit on the early side to put your pre-orders in. But I liked the concept Daniel McMillan was describing. I can imagine the setting complementing a MMORPG-style game pretty well. After all, we've all had plenty of Pony Express experience with DAOC. And if you can figure out what the following means, feel free to e-mail me:

GameSpy: Has Frontier 1859 become more than a game concept?

Daniel: As I sincerely ponder this question, I see a child who has become a teen. I also see a wild stallion that needs a bridle. When a concept translates into a shared dream by many people all over the world, it tends to have a life all its own.


what it means?  oh i think its just more mmorpg rhetoric spouting.  theyve got nothing so they try and sound intriguing and cryptic to garner interest.  i expect a press release soon akin to this:

"we too are making an mmorpg but we are gonna be different!  complete freedom! no restrictions! pvp with a purpose! no camping! no power leveling!  arent we great! tons of content!  isnt it obvious that WE have what it takes to break the mold vs. the 1000's of other companies?"

Ooooo Oooo where do I sign up!!!!

Oh... wait.... sarcasm.. DAM.