Asheron's Call 2 Mounts Incoming


Microsoft has released word that Asheron's Call 2 will be getting player mounts as part of the February monthly update. How to actually attain one of these beasties will be revealed as part of the epic story arc that is also launching this month.

Read on for the press release and the first screenshot of the mounts!

Microsoft Game Studios today announced the availability of AsheronÂ's Call 2: Fallen Kings February Episode update. The Episode, titled Â"Ambuscade,Â" is the most comprehensive enhancement to date for Microsoft Game StudiosÂ' award-winning massively multiplayer game. Â"AmbuscadeÂ" will most notably feature the addition of in-game mounts. A range of beautiful creatures will be available to players, allowing them to move about the landscape speedily. The secret to mastering these mounts, the Â"AtaursÂ" lies within the beginning of AC2Â's first epic story arc. As players explore and work together to counter the threat of a Fallen King, they will unlock the ability to master the Ataurs and use them in their cause to rebuild Dereth.

The February Live update will feature a new, opening chapter of AsheronÂ's Call 2: Fallen Kings epic storyline, new high-level content and quests, and new UI improvements, including a one-click ability to loot corpses and transmute items to gold. AsheronÂ's Call 2: Fallen Kings, developed by Turbine Entertainment Software, is the only MMOG to provide epic content and features through regular monthly Episodes with the monthly subscription. A leader in providing MMOG services, Microsoft Game Studios and Turbine are proud to continue their tradition of providing new content and features with AsheronÂ's Call 2.



Mmm yes now if I couls just LOG THE F*CK on :(. Grr sorry.

Well to be fair they say that they once again think they fixed the problem sadly I'm trapped at work and unlike most modern MMP's AC2 because of the stupid random UDP handshaking (hello, Moronic network code) can't work through the good ol' cooperate fire wall.

the mounts are cool.  they have 2 mount quests.  one is rough for high 30's or higher and the other one was pretty simple for me at 33.  the monsters are level 19 boss mobs so anyone who can solo blood shreths can do this quest.  killing the quest mobs will give you components to cure a curse.  this curse kills the user outright in 5 minutes if the cure isnt imbibed.  the quest mobs have a chance to curse you with a special attack.  it is a nuisance on the lower quest and is causing havoc on the higher level quest.

for completing you get 3 quest recipes for 3 mounts.  they cost 50, 75 and 100 gold respectively.  they last for 30, 45 and 60 minutes.  you cant attack on them or cast any spells.  you can be hit on them though they run very fast so most things wont have a chance.  once you dismount they dissappear but its only another 100 gold to make another saddle.

so far they seem like a free roaming version of horses in Daoc.  the novelty hasnt worn off yet and i have yet to complete the higher level version of the quest.  one very nice edition is they finally added a loot all and transmute all button.  both seem to work quite well.  i look forward to uncovering more of the new quests in the coming weeks.  things may not be as glum as i have been dreading.