Summoner Cubed


Most of my play time has been spent on Voilition's Summoner: A Goddess Reborn on the Gamecube. This is a port if the PS2 version (Summoner 2) and it shows with some murky textures and low-poly creatures. Not to say it looks terrible or anything, just really average. What Summoner 2 lacks in graphics it more than makes up for in game play. Some people don't like the "RPG Lite" approach but I've always had a soft spot for it. Move around freely during battles, one button to attack, one to defend and one to cast your pre-selected spells. You can skip among your NPC party members quickly if need be although the AI does a decent job of keeping them useful throughout your encounters.

The plot, while a bit rushed in the beginning does slowly unfold and become easier to understand as you play the game and certain names and places are repeated. It's your standard "Hero of destiny" angle so far although one difference is your avatar is actively pursuing it and knows from the beginning what she is.

If you own a Gamecube and you're hurting for an RPG, Summoner: A Goddess Reborn wouldn't be a bad choice. At least, it would kill some time while you wait for Zelda to come out in March.

Speaking of Zelda, I've been playing the Master Quest version of Zelda 64 on the Cube. I've put a couple hours in so far and found that Zelda holds up extremely well depite it's age (roughly five years old now) and the multitudes of games that tried to emulate it since then. There's just something about Zelda that rings true as you play it, maybe it's the sound the game plays when you discover a secret.. do do do de do.

One last thing, remember that D&D geeks movie that Voilition put out before the release of Red Faction and Summoner? If you don't (hell, even if you do) download it here from IGN. Man I love that video!


- Certis