PS2 Limited Edition Flavors


How much would you pay for a Super Red Limited Edition Playstation 2? Wait! Don't answer yet! What if it came with a free Super Red Limited Edition stand? Would you pay $314.99? Sony seems to think you might. You can pick up a PS2 in one of 5 new limited edition colors from the Playstation website. I haven't seen these in the stores yet. Then again, thanks to a record amount of snowfall in Maryland this weekend, I haven't seen anything further away than I can walk to. 



I'd buy that for a dollar!

Wow, Computer hardware in 5 flavors, I mean colors....Where have I heard this idea before? 

I wonder if these new colors will fix the problem that PLAGUES this system.  The dredded "Disk Read Error".  If you own a PS2 and haven't had this error yet, just wait your turn.  MUHAHAHAHAHA.

Isn't that $100 more than the normal price?

I would not be surprised if they are already sold out in Japan, they are Playstation to the bone! Still 300$ for a console is too much, ...then again i would buy it if they throw in a couple of games for free! ....!

I guess what really caught my attention were the silly names of the special colors. I would have thought Sony could come up with something more creative that Super Red and Light Yellow. Astral Blue is okay, I guess, but Snow White? I don't really have an opinion on Metallic Silver.

I'd like a white one - that'd match my (now breaking) PSOne. But, good lord - $116 US MORE than a regular PS2 is out of control.