Zelda Pre-Order Starts For Real


Last week Nintendo announced that 250,000 of you nutty gamers already pre-ordered the upcoming Zelda: The WindWaker. Unexpected? Perhaps not. But this week marks the official start of the Zelda pre-order program. For those of you who have been living under a rock, inside a tin of smoked oysters, locked in some sort of sensory depravation tube, and orbiting oh, let's say Saturn, if you pre-order the new Zelda for your Gamecube, you get a bonus disc with Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and The Master Quest for free. The Master Quest is basically the Ocarina Remix with some minor changes in some of the dungeons. Heyyyyyy Ocarina!

If you already pre-ordered at ebgames.com, you might want to check your doorstep, because mine already had the bonus disc. Nintendo once again shows its class by packing this disc in a standard GC DVD case complete with a full color WindWaker (man why do I keep typing Walker?) preview brochure, and a full print manual for the Ocarina and Master Quest games. The disc also features some trailer/preview stuff for a few other Gamecube releases.


Heyyyyyy Ocarina!

Bad Sway, bad!  Don't make me get the newspaper!

I swear, I was planning to make a post about this myself but I ended up playing the game for the past few hours instead. It holds up very well considering it was released in 1998.

Holy smokes. Was it really 1998? I feel like since it was the last Zelda, it must have only been two years ago, tops. Perhaps it's because I only finished Ocarina two years ago thanks to the hint book I bought off of ebay. It was one of those games that I got close to finishing, but got distracted by something else for a few months. When I finally got back to Zelda, I had absolutely no idea where I was or what I needed to do. I was not about to start over, so I got the hint book and was able to figure out where I was in the grand scheme of things.

Just for future reference, if a game's been out for a while, don't go hunting for a hint book, check out  http://www.gamefaqs.com  -- I've found the user created FAQs and walkthroughs there to be generally superior to anything I've bought.  For Ocarina of Time there is over a page full of links to maps, walkthroughs, boss hints, secrets, item lists, etc. 

The site has been very helpful for me getting through some frustrating parts of games, or helping find every last detail in others.


Yeah, I'm a huge fan of Gamefaqs. I actually started with one of the guides from there, but I saw the book on ebay for a buck or two, so I didn't feel too bad about buying it. I think I sold it on ebay when I was done for about $5 so it was all worth it. But I agree with you, T-Dawg, I've been able to make it through many a game using the great guides online.