MMORPG Launch Alert: A Tale in the Desert


For those of you who like to give each new MMOG a try, February 15 saw the launch of A Tale in the Desert. This unique game drops you into ancient Egypt where you must work towards achieving perfection in the seven disciplines of man. If you think one of these disciplines surely must be whacking overgrown ants or rats, you might want to check out the FAQ. The game seems focused around exploration, creativity, and interaction with others.

Take a look inside for a taste of the FAQ and some more details.

According to the game manual, you can build camps with several different buildings. There are guilds and laws and politics in place. You can choose to live near a large population or a small group. However, the FAQ seems to indicate that this might not be the game for you if you prefer to "solo".

Q. Explain the Seven Disciplines and the Tests.
A. The ancient Egyptians wrote about Seven Disciplines of Man: Leadership, Thought, The Human Body, Architecture, Worship, Conflict, and Art. They believed that if a man could achieve perfection in all seven, he'd live forever.

A Tale in the Desert centers around the tests, which measure your skill in the seven disciplines. They don't measure your character's abilities --- they measure your abilities. That's a big difference. For example, to advance in leadership, you'll actually need to be able to convince people to do things. To advance in conflict, you'll need real tactical and strategic ability. To advance in art, you'll need artistic talent.

All of the tests share one thing in common: your goal is to affect your fellow players. In conflict, you must defeat them. In architecture, you must outbuild them. In worship, you must coordinate them. No matter the discipline, passing a test revolves around other players.

Priced at $13.95 / month, it will be interesting to see how it holds up. The information on the website demonstrates this is clearly not more of the same as far as MMORPGs are concerned. Do any of you plan on trying this out? I may download the client if it really comes with a trial as GameSpyDaily seems to indicate in their story. Anyone wanna meet me in Egypt?


I wonder how this one will do.. will people pay to play a multi person adventure game and engage in politics? I wonder... it really seems like a smarter version of the sims on-line to me not a bad thing but will it succeed. I couldn't work up the interest to go look at the beta but the wife of one my buddies seemed to think it was pretty neat... she is a perl programmer with a PHD in philosophy though so I'm not sure she is the best audience sample.

I should go ramble in the forum but well I'm here now...Last couple of people who have just gotten into the SB beta that I know have had pretty sad things to say about it, they all agree that stability wise it's still a mess, tic-tock. I feel bad for those who pre-ordered SB, it should have a huge AO class bugey launch warning on it. Nicest thing I have heard said so far is that it has an impressive (if poorly balanced) skill tree... after AC2's pathetic skill base I'm looking forward to that one thing at least.

I think Turbine should put up a free PvP server where you can play the druges and all the rest of the monsters... at least then they would have some AI or well just I :). Anyone else been locked out all weekend with teh authentication problem (took them 3 days to even put up an anoucment about that *sigh*)?

3 days?  ouch!

im crossing my fingers that half the server population wont leave after this next patch.  why dont devs get it out of their head that dying is fun and important.  AC2 made great strides against that philosophy.  now it seems they are renigging.

the totem quest run buff is going to be cut into a third.  rather than increase the benefit of the tumerok mage skill, they are going to shake up the delicate balance between narrowly surviving and pushin up daisies.  hmmm sounds like a good way to increase the already heavy tank healer population.

i can only wonder if they actually watch how people play their game.  at higher levels if youre anything but a tank, you hide behind the tanks till the mob is dead.  if the mob wants you, run in circles till the tanks kill it.  you have no choice.  if youre not a tank, you run.  after patch if youre not a tank, you powerwalk through mud with a piano on your back.

a tale in the desert? well an all quest driven mmorpg needs to be made.  this is not what i had in mind.  dont get me wrong.  the egyptian setting rules.  getting people to do stuff for you?  i see 2 outcomes.  one is a l33+ gamer group of college students gets together to make someone "perfect" in a day and calls the game boring.  the second is a very charismatic a-hole promises the world to the naive and preys on the masses.  of course its all his idea of "role playing" a tyrant/dictator etc.

Oh yeah I'm right there with you, it's like they are petrified with fear of *gasp* actually letting players differentiate themselves. Course, as a friend who plays pointed over some expensive Chinese food, that is their idea of a big reward. My wife who was looking rather bord at the whole conversation (Not a gamer, no idea how that happend..anyway) quipped that was the dumbest thing she had ever heard, but then she probable feels that way about the premise so I guess that input has to be taken somewhat lightly... still... ;/