Movie Watch: Old School


I had the opportunity to catch a preview release of the latest in a long line of college comedies, Old School. Coming out this Friday, Old School is about a guy (Luke Wilson) who has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend after walking in on a little swinger party she was having while she thought he was away. To help him get over it his two pals (Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn) help him out by throwing a huge frat party at his new house and eventually starting a fraternity despite the fact that they donÂ't go to college and theyÂ're all Â"olderÂ"

As expected, hilarity ensues. Or does it?Old School is a funny movie, it manages some excellent gags and scenes that with one exception (youÂ'll know it when you see it) never goes for the cheap Â"gross outÂ" gimmick a lot of the current frat comedies fall back on. While Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson have a few funny lines most of the real laughs are thanks to former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell. Almost everything he does is pure comedy whether itÂ's reacting to a tranquilizer shot in the neck or screaming at a member of the frat. Truly, he almost carries the movie.

Aside from the comedy you also get the required bare breasts, KY lube fights and the crusty dean that needs to be taken down before he ends the fratÂ's future. Nothing too ground breaking here but itÂ's a good time if you like this sort of thing.

If I had to pick out any real issues (there are a few) I would say that the trailers give away too many of the gags. Thankfully, they are still funnier when taken in context but it is annoying when you see a scene and think Â"This is the part where he shoots himself with a tranquillizer dartÂ" Again, funnier seeing the lead up to the event and what happens after but it still sucks.

ThatÂ's about all I can muster up on Old School, if you like frat party comedies this should fit the bill nicely. If you donÂ't like Will Ferrell than I think itÂ's safe to say that youÂ're screwedÂ"… Old School!


- Certis