Games, Does a Body Good


BBC News has posted an article about games and all the good they do the people who insist on playing them. I'm sure they could have saved some cash by asking any mature gamer why games like Counter-Strike hold so much appeal. 

Prof Wright said that the research shows that Counter-Strike is about much more than grim gunplay and racking up kills.

The strategy and tactics used by many regular players and teams, or clans, often makes it seem like a game of chess, he said.

The importance of the social side of Counter-Strike was revealed in the constant banter, in-jokes and insults that people exchanged during play, said Prof Wright.

The miracles of science, I would never have guessed..


Well DUH! you only need to look at how healthy and well adjusted we all are(except for that Elysium guy) to see games are good for you!