Happy Valentine's Game....er...Day


I know you probably relished in the honeyed schadenfreude of watching The Sims Online not sell. It appeared as though the franchise with the biggest advantage was unable to capitalize on it. I thought I'd take a moment to remind you how lucky you are that it didn't replace sliced bread.

It could have made things awkward.

IL Comic

Happy Valentine's Day!


Some things are worth having right on the main page, thanks Sway

Online Sims is nothing more than 3D chat room that also give you something to do instead of eating junk food in front of the computer/console.... Actually let me retrace that, you sit and eat the junk food in front of the keyboard, while staring at your "sim" while it trying to level up by reading a book. ...What's the point, i might as well get a book and i might level and get that pay raise which is long over due!!

PS ...It's a nice pic, Sway!


That's it.  I'm banning Sway for making us look bad.  I mean, now all of Certis' haphazardly done photoshop abuses are downright sad by comparison.

- Elysium

I actually laughed out loud. Nice one Sway!