EB and Gamestop Grow as Stocks Slow


Try and say that headline ten times fast. According to Yahoo both Electronic Boutique and Gamestop have seen stocks fall up to 60% despite strong sales in the video game industry. It would seem that the big retail chains like Wal-Mart may pose a threat to the specialty shops.. as usual. 

Analysts say about 80 percent of the video-game market is split between Wal-Mart, with 20 percent to 25 percent share, Best Buy, with about 17 percent, Electronics Boutique and GameStop, splitting 30 percent roughly down the middle, and Target accounting for the rest.

According to the "experts" things should turn around for both companies even though their stocks are currently over-sold. Have you hugged an EB employee lately?


"Have you hugged an EB employee lately?"

I will tomorrow if C&C generals arrives in store on time!

If not I'll have to "hug" him with my gauntlets of crushing strength+1.......

I generally give my biz to EB, there one of the few retailers left that actually has a return/exchange policy and that is pretty dam important to me even if I rarely use it.

I religiously buy from EB. The return policy, prompt arrival of titles, and solid customer service keep me going back.

Hell, sometimes I pay more at EB, even if I could wait a few days and get it from Wal-Mart. I don't like those behemoth value stores. I hope things do turn around for them. They're a great chain.

Er, tomorrow? C&C Generals was in at my GameStop on Wednesday... I'm shocked to hear otherwise.