Preview: Shadowbane


As evidenced in our Forums, one of the MMPORPGs that gamers are keeping their eye on is the imminent Shadowbane. While a certain number of users will no doubt jump into the game simply because of the novelty of a new world to explore, others are wondering what might make it a viable alternative to today's favorites.

Boomtown published their preview of Shadowbane about a week ago, but I thought I'd point it out to those of you who are willing to accept that there will be alternatives to Star Wars Galaxies.It appears that the developer, Wolfpack, has listened to a lot of the complaints about the current MMORPG games. The world, itself, is apparently a lot more interactive. Players can add buildings and develop political factions, which will be just as important in the overall gameplay as killing some variation of a rat enough times to advance a level. For those of you seeking something a little more deeper (read complex) in your massively multiplayer world than the "really pretty chat room", Shadowbane seems to ready to address your needs. Although, for those of you who are perfectly content with the "really pretty chat room", the screenshots I saw remind me a little too much of Everquest...and I mean pre-Luclin.

Check out the Boomtown article and pass your own judgement.

We'll see who it attracts and for how long soon enough. The $39 price tag might win a few more over for at least a trial, but it's longevity that MMORPGs strive for.


We need more discussion on this !!  Thanks for the post Sway.

Welcome aboard Sway, nice to see you up there

I won't be playing this one.

im not keen on this one either.  i will follow its progress with interest.  however, even if the "band gets back together" aka Ava Tarati, I dont think I will play this.

I had talked with Certis about this a few times, but he assured me he wasn't playing Shadowbane unless Sheep Pimping was implemented.  I'm not sure what that was all about.

Personally I've always been a little wary of Shadowbane, and I'm not entirely sure why.  I played, and eventually abandoned, the beta.  I don't think I ever felt a firm connect with the world, and for whatever reason the point and click to walk interface always felt wrong to me (I know that's a terribly superficial reason to not like a game, and it's certainly not the only reason).  This preview reminds me of all the reasons to be excited about this game in the first place, but unless they've improved the presentation and interface, I have serious reservations.

- Elysium

My problem is that the game isn't very much fun. What they wanted to do is a great idea but it isn't working out. When I played there were two types of players: Players who killed NPC and the players who pked the players killing the NPC.  I didn't like the click and walk movement and the lack of pathfinding when I played. The game just never did it for me. It's still the same basic formulee and it needs to change.

From what I read, this will be another game that rewards long hours. I really can't commit to a game like that now. If I'm going to pay a monthly fee (something else that should be scaled for those of us who can only play a few hours a week), I want there to be something exciting to do besides wish I was a higher level.

I'm really eager to find a MMOG that is as exciting to jump into and play for a couple hours as your standard non-massively multiplayer game. I think it can be done.

I was looking forward to this, then a friend up in Reno got into the beta. Says it's absolute garbage, it's like DAOC was during beta one only even worse art and less stability. In fact after some time with the beta he picked up AC2 and joined us there, something he had sword he would not do. I find this pretty disappointing, I had some hope that Shadow Bane would bring enough quality and new stuff to the table to help genre change a bit.

if someone would just implement the random mission generator for soloer's and for groups from anarchy online,  it would be a huge step in the right direction.  sways concerns would mostly be solved.

AC2 started to have an answer to the limited play problem but it tapered off drastically past level 15.  you didnt have to camp monsters at all.  unfortunately, thats pretty much all you do post level 25 with a vault or 2 thrown in.

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Planetside ?