Starwars Galaxies Skill Tree


The official Star Wars Galaxies site has posted the current skill tree available in the game at this time. They are in beta so this information could change at any second but for now, it's solid. Wait, let me check...  yep.. no..wait for it.. yes..! Ok, for now this is the current skill tree. Head over to the official site and have a look.

You should read more.

I can be a farmer? This may be the greatest game of all time!

Farmer -This elite profession includes skills from the livestock production and harvester management disciplines. A player in this profession can grow plants and animals for foods and medicines.

Finally, a chance to grow animals in an MMORPG environment. I'd like to say I would grow cows and stuff to feed people but I'll probably end up growing sheep and pimping them out.




You think you're scared?  I work with him.

No pimping me!  I repeat, No Pimping Me.

- Elysium

how does one grow sheep?  do you water them and talk to it and give it plenty of sunlight?

That skill tree strikes me as not exatly being fun, and a bit skimpy, I'm getting a bad feeling about this one these days.