How Bad Was It?


Direct from the 'Was Anybody Waiting for This?' department comes news that id software and Activision have cancelled the expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory. As reported by Gamespy Daily, the game was cancelled because "the single player component of the game has not progressed at an acceptable rate."  But that doesn't mean there is nothing positive to come from the work on Enemy Territory.  Read on!

Thanks for the head's up, Rat Boy!

Further, according to the Gamespy Daily article:

The good news is that the multiplayer portion of the game, developed primarily by Splash Damage, has progressed well enough for it to warrant continued development and release as a free add-on sometime later this year. Over the next few months the development teams involved in Enemy Territory will focus on completing the free add-on and getting it out to the gaming community.

Free stuff is always a good thing, and I'm pretty pleased to see these companies not try and pawn off an abandoned project onto retail shelves.  Face it, many companies would have slapped together anything for a single player expansion, been satisfied with some multiplayer components, and still thrown a $19.99 tag on it. 

- Elysium


That's pretty neat. After reading an extensive preview in a local mag I was really looking forward to the multiplayer improvements. I didn't care that much for the singleplayer component anyway, multiplayer was the part where RtCW did shine.

Huh well ok, I'll allways take free over a pay add on :). Whoop!


Where, oh where have all the good single player games gone?  First Unreal 2 strikes out and now this.  NOLF 2 was the last decent solo gaming experience I remember and, unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to wait for Thief 3 or Dues Ex 2 to be entertained again.  Man this sucks for me but it's good for multi-player fanatics.