Elysium and I are pretty swamped in our respective fields this week so I apologize for the slow front page. We do plan to bring a new person on shortly who is easily more brilliant than I am and possibly as wordy as Elysium so I'm sure you will all love him/her/it.

Bringing this new person on should also give us a bit more time to arrange for interviews with fascinating people and other spiffy features. Won't that be nice? Yes it will!

When I haven't been buried in clients (it's not as fun as it sounds) I've been playing the Black Hawk Down demo in multiplayer and having a blast picking people off at range. If you haven't grabbed it yet, I highly recommend it.

Back to the pile!


- Certis


No one is as wordy as I.  Do you understand my steadfastness in perpetuating this actuality?  I am emphatically committed to imparting a level of understanding regarding the depths of my veracity in extending, by parenthetical aside or hyperbolizing the quintessentially banal, through overelaborate augmentation and ambiguous sentence parsing, the mitigating focii of my expressed thesis.  No one, I say!

- Elysium

Now I have not been visiting this site much, for reasons mainly because of me being swamped by constant deadlines, but Elysium does have a point!    ....?       .....ur!! I hate Notes Client 5, slow as hell.

To wit, methinks it is entirely implausible, nay impossible, that there should be one so in love with the more obscure rules and vocabulary of the English language than thee.  If you could find such an orator, one who surpasses your verbosity, that would be a discovery not unlike when Carter unearthed the entrance to the tomb of Pharoah Tutankhamoun.

Elysium - What happened to the Guitar?  I guess the gaming hiatus was only through the summer?

Certis - Are you still paying for DAoC?  I see you are still a member of the Ava Tarati guild... Everyone else has been removed due to unpaid accounts... except for myself of course.

I was just clearing out some old stuff and checked EvilAvatar to post a 1 year update to our long dead guild when I saw elysium's post and had to check out the new site. 

Just thought I would stop in and say hi!

Roman (guild leader of the famous Ava Tarati)

- You two will be happy to know that in addition to Roaman (level 35 hunter) I now have the following:

Igraine Midgard......Rowana - 34 Shaman, Ugnot - 11 Bonedancer

Lancelot Hibernia....... Roeman - 23 Nightshade, Rolwana - 21 druid, Roaman - 21 enchanter, Bevel 19 - mentalist.

As you can see, I have found a liking for the hibbies... something is just nice about a 5 second stun and 2 second cast time for 50% damage... I wish you guys were still around, the game is still quite fun for me, and I do not see the imbalance issues now that Shrouded Isles has come out, but I miss the Thursday Night Groups that we had.

Well be safe and good luck with your site...  I am sure you will do the best any canadian can do!



try a valewalker roman.  i think you'll like him.  i was a fan of the mentalist as well.  well nothing really beats the enchanter =).

glad to see you are maintaining the good Ava Tarati name.

sorry but the game is just boring.  i was completely swept away by AC2.  not that its perfect mind you.  it has some serious flaws.  i would say roughly 30% of the spec class skills are broken.  when AC2 matures, the jury is out on which path it will take, good or bad.  if bad then the game will fade into mediocrity.  if good then the game will be fantastic.  since release, i have seen a few examples of good and more examples of bad.  microsoft recently sent out a survey regarding progress of the product.  i think they suspect the game isnt progressing the way they'd like and the live team isnt handling issues properly.  we will see how much influence microsoft will have on the future of AC2.

Certis - Are you still paying for DAoC?  I see you are still a member of the Ava Tarati guild... Everyone else has been removed due to unpaid accounts... except for myself of course.

Come to think of it, I would expect my press account still works like a charm. It could be that it will last... forever! Muwahahahaha!

Nice to see you Roman