Alfred Molina to Play Doc Ock?


Before we get to the Doc Ock news, I'd like to say that Shanghai Knights is a pretty fun little movie if you aren't expecting too much. Some really nice Jackie Chan stylings in there.

Anyways, who is Alfred Molina and why is he in the running to play Doc Ock in the next Spider-Man movie? Because he would be perfect, that's why! Read on..


Look at the guy, he's just begging for some metal tentacles and funky glasses. According to AICN there is a good chance that he may be the one to play Doc Ock, which would make a hell of a lot more sense than John Malkovich.

- Certis


The question is, how could they depict Doc Ock's tentacles on film without making it campy ala the CGI Hulk?

Sure, why not? I've been a fan of Molina for awhile, he kicked ass in Boogie Nights as the coked-out guy Marky Mark and his friends tried to rob towards the end of the movie.

cue "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger

Consider this post a classy drive-by in my roving Cadillac of Cool. A quick fist of the horn which toots out Barber's Adaggio in D Minor. Then I spit my snide yet debonair comments out the window, then vroom off into the sunset with my car bouncing up and down from the natural hydraulics system of twenty Swedish supermodels in the back seat, go-go dancing.

Anyway, I always thought Larry Drake from Darkman would be perfect as Doctor Octopus:

I'm not sure he looks crazy enough around the eyesfor the part... and I believe he is a hell of a lot older now than that shot would indicate.

Nice to see you Johnny.