Richard Garriott Interview


Gamespy has posted an interview with Richard Garriot talking about his break with EA, his development of Lineage II and how he came to NC Soft in the first place. Hey look, they he even talks about Ultima 9!

So, Ultima 9, throughout its development, was the bastard child of Electronic Arts and suffered from that lack of support. But we persevered anyway, and I think it came out pretty well. There were some areas I wish we could have taken the time to make better, but considering the rocky road of internal support it had, it actually turned out quite nicely.

I love the overlaying bitterness in everything he says about Electronic Arts. It warms my cold black little heart.


Ultima 9, Greate game... bugy but good.

I love how Garriott continues to spout off about how good U9 actually was, in spite of the irrefutable fact that it was a flaming train wreck on delivery.

I guess he figures he still needs to keep up that brave noise after he posted how much everybody was going to love it, how bug free it was, yadda yadda yadda, sunshine, milk and honey, etc etc.

Not that I don't think his hands were tied (I believe they were), but it's pretty sh*tty of him to have sold out his fans like he did. It's not like he needed to fear the wrath of EA or anything... he was already filthy rich... if he never worked another day in his life, he still would never want for anything.

Hopefully his new ventures will vindicate him (for his sake... personally I don't care, since I was never an Ultima fan anyway).