The Week Ahead


Break out the party hats kids, it's Monday! This week we have quite a few PS2 games on the way while only a few Xbox and GC titles limp out the gate. C&C Generals and yet another Ultima Online expansion is all we have coming out for the PC.

Read on for the full list!

As usual, all games ship on Tuesday unless otherwise noted.


Vexx (PS2, Xbox)
.hack (PS2)
Everquest Online (PS2)
World Tour Soccer 2003 (PS2)
Pride FC Fighting Championships (PS2)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (GC)
Freeloader (GC)
Zelda 64 (Zelda pre-order disk) (GC)
Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (PC)
Command and Conquer: Generals (PC)
Capcom vs SNK 2:EO (Xbox)


• 8 Women
• Angel: The Complete First Season
• Brown Sugar
• Daredevil Vs. Spider-Man
• Full Frontal
• My Big Fat Greek Wedding
• NFL Super Bowl XXXVII
• Possession
• Swept Away
• Tom & Jerry: Whiskers Away
• X-Men


February is ridiculous for PS2 RPGs. There's .hack Infection Vol 1 this week, then Xenosaga, then Dark Cloud 2 (maybe the other way around)

Blech!  I don't know which DVD would be worse: Super Bowl XXXVII or <i>Swept Away</i>.