Freelancer Gold


Digital Anvil's six year masterpiece has finally gone gold according to Lancers Reactor. No ship date or anything yet but EB has it listed for March 6th. Here is the little note from Digital Anvil:

Freelancer was released to manufacturer today @ 4:00pm CST. One day ahead of schedule. The remaining team members just celebrated w/ champagne :)

I must admit I wasn't too interested until all of the previews started hitting the net. It almost sounds like Morrowind in space to some small degree which pleases me in many ways.


Considering that everyone who's actually played it seems to think the mouse controls are natural and fluid, my only concern about this game floated quickly out the window. I'll be picking this one up on day 1.

- Elysium

the teaser video conversations reminded me a lot of privateer.  kinda too stiff and old school however, the combat looks great!

when i meet him in game, im not trusting that john romero looking character at all =P