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Call it filler material on a slow news day when I don't have some half-cocked, poorly thought out opinion to spout if you must.  Actually, that's pretty accurate. 

Anyway, I noticed this link over at Slashdot.  It seems Entertainment Weekly has taken the time to celebrate the twenty-five best episodes, and single worst episode, of everyone's favorite show, The Simpsons.  Interesting that the top four episodes all aired in 1993, the Golden Year for the long running show methinks.  In fact, I can't help but notice that only one episode since 1998 is honored among the upper echelon.  Largely I might shuffle some of the episodes around a bit, but I can't really complain at the choices. 



It was a good list. I didn't agree with the Worst Episode, though. The episode they listed certainly wasn't a highlight of the series, but I still thought it was pretty decent.

"Should we take the hoverbus or the regular bus?"

"I can't believe "smell ya later" replaced goodbye."

and some other funny moments.

Of course, I'd be hard pressed to pick my least favorite episode. It would be unfair to pick one of the clip rerun shows. The Bonestorm episode was a little too sappy for my Simpsons tastes I guess. Actually, the episodes that revolve around Marge always seem to be off-pace a little.

GO Banana!


That was just for U!

My all time Simpson Episode is "Das Boot"  I am a big Ralph fan and this episode has a lot of Ralph being Ralph.  It is also the one were Homer tries to start his internet company then gets "bought out" by MS. 


ok, Since I can't seem to edit my post, I would like to make the following updates....

The episode is Das Bus.  is a link with sound bites!  Thanks for the site!

TOTALLY disagree with the worst episode. At least I got a few laughs out of it. I'd pick any one of the first couple of seasons as the worst since they're so preachy.

I disagree with Worst Episode pick also. It was a funny episode, much better than the crap on other channels. The worst episode was when they did like a party for Homer and it was spent "remembering" old episodes. That one really stunk.

And their first episodes were VERY good! Since they hadn't gone all "wacky comedy", they had both laughs and a couple of sentimental moments. I remember the Jazz guy dying episode with Lisa, that was good. Very effective...

Also, kinda weird that it's all old episodes... Tho I'd have added the Weed episode there.