Gamespy Q&A with Kenn Hoekstra: How to Get a Gaming Job


In my book you can put Kenn Hoekstra up there with Mark Rein (mentioned in another article) as one of the good guys of PC gaming.  As Project Administrator over at Raven Software, Kenn's worked on titles from Heretic 2 to Elite Forces to Soldier of Fortune 2, and he takes a few minutes to answer some questions over at Gamespy about how to get into the biz.

Read on for a taste.

I don't usually post Q&A's (unless they're ours), but Ken's advice fits the motif of the site, so here's some fundamental advice from Kenn:

For a fledgling game developer, in any discipline, what you can show is what's going to get you hired. Artists are hired on the strength of their portfolios. Programmers are hired based on code samples and modifications running in a game environment. Level designers are hired based on the levels they send in. Sound guys are hired on their sound and music samples, etc. What I'm saying is, a one-page paper resume is not the standard application method in the games industry as it is in the rest of the corporate world.

Good stuff!

- Elysium