Starwars Galaxies Interface and Feature Cuts


You know a MMORPG is getting closer to release when promised features begin to flutter away like leaves in the Fall. Following that analogy I suppose the bare winter trees would be the end-product. Whoops, my cynicism is showing again.

Read on for the details. Big thanks to Griffon walker for the news!

Shug_Ninx, the community relations manager has made a post in the official SWG forums about some features being cut to make the release date. Don't worry though, they'll totally implement them for free after the game ships!

Did I say that with a straight face?

As we moved forward and continually revised our schedule, it became apparent that the postponement of several significant systems would allow us to release the game sometime in mid-April. The most important of these systems were:

-Player Cities
-Player-Owned Vehicles
-Player-Generated Missions
-Dark Jedi (okay, this is really a "feature", but stillÂ"…)

At that time, we also began work on our Live Team schedule, which provides a plan for implementing the postponed systems within the first seven or eight months after launch.

He has much more to say in the post, you can read the rest here.

And finally, we get a look at the user interface through this little interative image over at the official site. I like it a lot, clean and functional.

- Certis


Damn, Certis you beat me to it.  Had a brief double post for a moment!

I was so busy writing my wry comments on this that you just slapped something up.  Anyway, I posed this question in my now defunct mini-article, and I'll pose it again here.

Is it better to make a launch deadline with less features but good stability, or hold out for the innovations?  In other words, would you as a player be more satisfied by a solid MOTS online gaming experience, or a slightly buggy innovative experience.  I would suggest the launch of the recent The Sims Online could provide an interesting perspective on that question, launched on the basis of its franchise, but lacking in significant gameplay features, it has not nearly lived up to expectations.  Is it possible that the same fate could befall Galaxies?

- Elysium

lets be honest though.  you think that removing these features automatically ensures a stable launch? 

really? i have some time share in the wetlands to sell you.

who was it that was insulting those who complain about all MMORPG's being the same?

check AC2 for reference.  the live team implementing features is no where near as strong as the original dev team.  if only for the reason that live teams are skittish to rock the boat.  player housing and vehicles are major features.  do we really want the responsiblity left to people only assigned to taper and maintain balance and stability?

I lost interest long before these features were cut.

This is the problem that developers have when they mislead people. (I didn't say lie) I would rather developers only announce things when they are 100% sure they will be in the gold release. If they want to talk about other things they should talk about those coming up after the game is released.

But gamers like to be mislead.

who was it that was insulting those who complain about all MMORPG's being the same?

Insulting? I completely agree that MMORPG's are all very similar. I simply pointed out the ironic fact that people like to complain MMORPG's are all extremely similar (usually via some very clever phrase like 'Another Diku Mud'), yet when a developer announces it is doing something completely different and unexpected (perma death for Jedis) they seem to be the first ones to complain about this as well.

Of course I could be wrong it's not like im taking notes on who says what the people who constantly post about the similarity and lack of innovation in MMORPG's on the EA website could be completely different people than those that complained about the implementation of Jedi in SWG. I am not saying the Jedi feature will be good or not, but it is refreshing to see developers willing to stray away from the standard formula for these types of games.

As bad as it sounds, I'd take buggy innovation.

Giants was a pretty good example of this. It was an original game, both in play and design, but riddled with bugs. I ignored them since the rest of the game was so much fun.

I'd honestly rather see them delay Galaxies again and get these in.

I agree. Don't mouth off about a feature until you've got it implemented.

I don't care for the choices, I rather they leave it in the oven until there is a good measure of both.
This genra desperatly, even criticaly needs inovation, but invoation should not need to come at the exspense of basic stability.