Daredevil Review


AICN's Moriarty has posted a review of Daredevil, the latest superhero flick to hit the big screen. The first part of the review is spoiler free so it's safe to peek.

Writer/director Mark Steven Johnson deserves much fanboy love and mainstream crossover success for what he’s accomplished here. Ericsson Core, his cinematographer, helps him create a look and feel that is essentially comic book, yet grounded in a real world we recognize. Most of this film takes place on rooftops or in back alleys, in a sort of shadow world just above or beside or behind the one where most people live. Special credit must also be given to the designers of Daredevil’s enhanced sonar vision, which is both logically functional and incredibly beautiful. We never just cut to Daredevil vision because it’s “cool,” either. It’s always meant to draw us into Matt’s world, to make us experience things the way he does. There is some bold sound design in an early fight scene at Josie’s Bar, where certain sounds rush up at us and others recede to near-silence, that gives you an idea of how Murdock might be able to handle himself amidst such complete chaos.

He seemed to really like it, which is good news for me since Hoochie and I plan to attend on opening night. Daredevil opens on Valentine's Day.