Black Hawk Down Demo & Impressions


I've always had a soft spot for the Delta Force series ever since my first online sniper fight. Folks liked to complain about the voxels but I always found they gave you a chance to actually hide instead of squatting in a bush and pretending the enemy can't see you like most games. There's a new Black Hawk Down demo out now and it clocks in at 132 megs. It contains a new single player map and a new multiplayer CTF map.

Grab it at Nvidia, Gamershell or 3DGamers.

Thanks EA!

Update: Read more for some quick impressions!

I just finished spending some time with the new Black Hawk Down demo and while the single player shows promise, the weak AI really hurts its chances come release day. The multiplayer though.. hoo wah! It has a very similar feel to the original Delta Force multiplayer but without all the pixilated voxels everywhere. Runs really well, looks good and best of all, there is some real cover to hide in! The net code seems very solid and the CTF works just as well as the earlier games. 

If you like shooting people in a multiplayer environment, don't pass up this demo!

- Certis


yay! Since they pushed the release back, and they announced a new mp/sp demo, I've been looking forward to playing an updated mp demo.

I played the first mp demo, and wasn't overly impressed. The single player demo came out and I was impressed but the strides they made, and how well it played.

Now with a new demo (i think the sp is the same), means new multiplayer, which should be good times!

Is this the same SP demo the same as the last SP demo?

There, I clarified the post a bit. Looks like a pretty meaty demo!

I'm downloading it right now, lets see if this thing can hold my attention away from Battlefield 1942.

I really like the demo.  While the graphcs aren't exacty state of the art, and the AI is a little rough (no suprise though), flying into  The Mog on the chopper and seeing the civilians running and taking cover is a bonafide "true gaming moment" in my opinion.

The game is just so immersive once you touch down in the city; not knowing where the incoming shots are coming from and scrambling to find adequate cover really brings that panicky "dry-mouthed" feeling that I am sure combat veterans know so well.

Most games of this nature are limited by their game engines insofar that the levels are designs with choke points.  You always know where the enemy will be coming from.  BlackHawk downs  open areas combined with the at times ,claustorphobic buildings will provide lots of opportunity for flanking maneuvers, scouting, and will really force players to play as a team.

Can't wait for this one.