BF 1942 Version 1.3 Patch


This is normally something Elysium would cover but I think he's dead. Or he has a cold or something, I wasn't really paying attention. Anywho, the new Battlefield 1942 1.3 patch is out and you can grab the dedicated server patch here (69 megs) and the client side patch here. It weighs in at 47 megs and has oodles of changes, read on to see the list.Version 1.3 changes

-Optimization of server priorities to improve Net Performance 
-Smoother object movements 
-Text strings are sent to the server instead of ascii, resulting in smoother text entry. 
-No Lag prediction if soldier is sitting in vehicle. This fixes the problem of pilots getting shot out of the cockpit when in a plane. 
#Sound improvements and optimizations 
-New and improved Sounds in 1st person view for the following weapons: 
*Bar 1918 
-New streamed sound implementation increases performance and decreases memory usage. 
-Problems with SoundBlaster Live on WinXP and Win2000 systems are solved 
#Graphical Improvements 
-New and improved fire animations in 1st person view for the following weapons: 
-New and improved models in 1st person view for the following weapons: 
#Gameplay tweaks 
-Damage to airplanes from the following has been decreased by 50%: 
-Spreading when walking and shooting increased on the following weapons: 
-Reloading time on sniper and engineer rifles reduced by 33%. 
-Rate of ticket decay when a team holds more than half of the command points has been increased on Head-on maps 
-Rate of ticket decay when Attacker holds all the control points on Assault Maps has been reduced by 40%, leaving a better chance for the defender to retake a CP. 
-Rate of ticket decay when the defender holds the map reduced by 40% on assault maps. 
-Attacker / Defender ticket ratio changed slightly to defenders 
favor on assault maps 
-When going outside of the map boundaries, soldiers will take 20% of their full health of damage per second (after being warned) 
-Decreased Loading times for the game and map changes. 
-SafeDisk check only when starting game and not when changing maps 
#AI optimization 
-The AI in single player mode is much improved. Bots now focus on close range enemies over long ones, especially when their current weapon is not suited for long-range
-Radio and voice command display now have a 'greyed out' look for commands that the bots do not respond to. 
-Message window has been modified and is now separated into three parts: 
1) User generated chat (radio and chat text) - 4 rows 
2) Game Info (capture control point etc.) - 2 rows 
3) Kills (x killed y) - 3 rows 
The number of lines for each message window can be changed as long as it is at least 1 line and the total amount of lines for all message windows do not exceed 12. 
These chat windows can be manipulated through new console commands (where 'int' is any number between 1 and 12) 
No. of lines for chat messages display 
No. of lines for game info display 
No. of lines for kills info display 
Sets the no of lines for all 3 message displays at once 
Returns status on how many lines each message window in using. 
chat.OldChatListStyle <0 or 1> 
If set to 1, the the old (v1.2) message window model is used. 
No. of rows used if the old message window model is used 
-New Ignore input Commands 
You can ignore radio messages, radio sounds and also ignore specific players using the following commands: 
chat.ignoreRadioText <0 or 1> 
If 1, No radio text is printed. 
chat.ignoreRadioAudio <0 or 1> 
If 1, No radio sounds are played. 
chat.setIgnoreRadioAudioAndText <0 or 1> 
If 1, both radio sounds and radio text is supressed 
Prints status for these settings 
Ignores a specific user's chatting. 
Stop ignoring a specific user's chatting 
Returns the list of ignored players 
NOTE: you can find a user's ID by using the 'game.listPlayers' command in the console 
-Implemented TK Forgive and Punishment system. 
By default, players have to wait 1 extra spawn wave for every TK they commit and when they have made 5 TK's that are not forgiven they will get kicked from the server. 
By default, the server is in forgive mode. 
There are 2 modes: 
1) If you are killed by a teammate, you can forgive the killer. 
The forgive options expires when you die again (auto-punish) 
2) If you are killed by a teammate, you can punish the killer. 
The punish options expires when you die again. (auto-forgive) 
Admin Console Commands: 
The number of extra spawn waves applied 
(1.0 = wait 1 spawn wave, 
1.5 = wait 1.5 spawn wave.. and so on) 
admin.banPlayerOnTKKick <0 or 1> 
When set to 1, players are also banned when kicked for TK 
The number of punished TK's before being kicked 
admin.tkPunishMode <0 or 1> 
0 : Punish Mode - Players are punished by default, until the 
victim forgives the TK 
1 : Forgive Mode - Players are forgiven by default, until the 
victim punishes the TK 
Client Console Commands: 
Punish a TK (works only in Forgive Mode). 
Forgive a TK (works only in Punish Mode). 
-Vote announcement has new text color and icon. 
-Added the possibility to tag specific players as a 'buddy' and make them more visible in the minimap 
Client Console Commands: 
Add a user with to the buddy list 
Removes a user from the buddy list 
Prints a list of your current buddies. 
#Rendering optimization 
-You can disable tri-linear filtering by adding the line 
"renderer.useTrilinearFiltering 0" to your 
-SiS Xabre support 
-Stripping and vertex-cache optimizing terrain patches. Increases performance for vertex cache enabled T&L cards that are vertex transform bound in BF. I.e. it reduces slowdown somewhat 
when lots of objects are displayed on screen. 
-Optimization of the font writer, decreasing memory usage. 
-Possibility to add lightmaps on ships and boats which can highly increase the visual effect


Is this the patch that adds the...? I'm just kidding. This game tempts me anew with every patch. I never bought it because when I downloaded the demo, it was a slideshow on my computer. It also got even slower the longer I played, as though there was a memory leak or something. I jumped on support forums and a lot of people using GeForce2 cards were having difficulty (mine is the Ti4600 I believe).

I didn't have the patience to play around with settings or download experimental drivers. I didn't have the money to upgrade. So the box taunts me every time I pass it. I'm not sure if it's all been fixed or not.

I wanted this game, too. If they ever add jetpacks, it will be the game Tribes 2 should have been.

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up....


- Elysium


/em Does the snoopy happy dance



Other than some questionable sound changes (Browning .50), this is one hell of a good patch.