Two Peripherals Enter, One Peripheral Leaves


The question of the year seems to be "Why doesn't Freelancer support my $400 super flight stick pro with real pilot goggles?" Digital Anvil's Jorg Neumann attempts to explain their decision to support mouse-only gameplay in his latest developer diary over at Gamespy.

One of the important reasons for the mouse interface is our desire to make a highly accessible game that could reach a wide audience. Just about everyone who owns a PC also has a mouse, but many people don't own joysticks or don't feel very comfortable using one. Given how relatively few games require a joystick interface, most of today's game players are simply much better at using the mouse to click on things rather than maneuvering with a joystick. Freelancer always intended to bring a new audience to the genre, and the mouse interface allows players that don't own or use a joystick to engage and succeed in the epic-scale space battles that Freelancer offers.

It makes perfect sense to me but then I've never spent more than $40 bucks on a joystick so it's never really felt all that important. Even games like Mech Warrior 4 work better with a mouse after all, I don't see this being any different.

- Certis


i really dont see what the hang up is here.  i am looking forward to the game and the control scheme.

i have a design for a battlefield 1942 type game in space where you fight and try and board captial ships and space stations.  it would have everything from armored intantry to space PT boats to destroyer sized ships.

obviously, a mouse control scheme would be mandatory

"Why doesn't Freelancer support my $400 super flight stick pro with real pilot goggles?"

"My eyes!  The goggles, they do nothing!"