Brute Force Goes Live, Sort Of


Brute Force was delayed a while back to add some more spit and polish to the game. I was always disappointed that coop would only be available split-screen so imagine my delight when I read a press release that stated that Brute Force would be Xbox Live enabled!

Now take that delight, ball it up and flush it down the toilet. That's what happened when I read the press release again and found out that coop would only be available split-screen and over system-link. Why the mention of Live then? Because you will be able to download some new campaigns and multiplayer maps after the game is released. Way to go the extra quarter mile you clowns!

Read on for the press release highlights.

Over the last few months, Brute Force developer Digital Anvil has been working on improving characteristics of the game and the game interface, resulting in an even better gameplay experience. The new features of the squad-based combat shooter include:

System Link
- System Link supports both co-operative campaign play and head-to-head Deathmatch
- Ability to play Deathmatch, with support of up to 16 players
- Unique ability for up to four players to play through the entire game in co-operative mode via system link, where each player controls one of the four squad members

Downloadable Content
- For gamers with Xbox Live, Brute Force becomes an even more "forceful" experience.
- Key content includes new maps and campaigns. There are twelve multiplayer maps included in the Brute Force game and at least two maps scheduled for release on Xbox Live.

The head-to-head modes are Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch. Deathmatch is a fight for supremacy across a dozen maps, with different customizable goals. Squad Deathmatch involves teams taking each other on in a battle to the death. 


Yep, talk about taking a cold shower. This game has to be Live enabled damnit. I was really impressed with the quality and potential of the Xbox Live service when it came out but the lack of frickin games for it is slowly but surely making me a little bitter about it.

At first I was absolutely enthralled by Live I currently have GR and UC, and both are buggy or suffer from perfomance issues. Both require patches to remedy performance issues and fix bugs As I am not really interested in sports games, these titles ARE Live for me. I also picked up MA when it first came out, but traded it in as I am not really into "Arade type games" and didn't really get in to the 3rd person view, and simplistic gameply.

The recent announcement that there will be a 8.95/month charge for PSO really sort of take the cake, as by no stretch of the imagination is it a MMORPG.

The Live service though "revolutionary" in the console word, it really pales in comparison to multi-player gaming on the PC. The headset is kinda neat, but seems "gimicky" in most games, and I find it staticy most of the time.

Live definately needs some perks such as a unified front end, and Microsoft really needs to think about setting up more dedicated servers troughout the region (not just on the west coast). In addtion, downloadable content is late.

Paying for what is essentially a monthly fee for a 'friends list, and statistics', on a by and large peer to peer network really doesn't cut with me.

Of course I will reserve judgement as the year progresses, but in the interim, the "joy" that was Live has already begun to lose its lustre.