A Little Website Plea


I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. Making websites is hard! I know, you look at this obviously professional and well crafted site and think "But Certis, Gamerswithjobs.com is an amazing example of design and pure artistic brilliance! How could you say it's hard when you make it look so easy?"

I have a point (and a plea) here, bear with me and read on.

You see, Gamers With Jobs has always been envisioned as a community site. This isn't just a place for Elysium to shoot his mouth off after all, we also hope that you will feel free to shoot your mouth off too. For this reason, we choose PostNuke as a base for the site. Despite its functional but crappy comments system, PostNuke has a great base for community orientated content. As time goes by, we will probably exploit some of these features.

Our first order of business will be to install a new mod that will merge the current forums with the main page and replace the shoddy comments system. Along with this change we would also like to re-design the site a bit so we can all feel a little happier about it.

What I'm shooting for is someone with some actual web making talent to help us make this happen. Let's face it, if we leave it all up to me eventually I'm going to do something stupid like add a spinning mailbox picture and nobody wants that. If you feel like lending a hand with a new page design, contact me or offer some ideas below or in the forums. Together we can make this site a little spiffier without resorting to extreme measures like listening to Elysium's ideas for color schemes.


- Certis


>>This isn't just a place for Elysium to shoot his mouth off after all,<<

I'm sorry, it's not what now?  I don't understand.

- Elysium

"This isn't just a place for Elysium to shoot his mouth off after all"

WooHoo! in your face Flanders!   D'oh.... I mean Elysium!