Norwegian Parliament Member Playing on the Job


Yahoo reports that a member of the Norwegian Conservative party decided to fire up a game on his pocket PC while parliament was in session. Too bad the TV cameras caught him.

Trond Helleland, a member of the ruling Conservative Party, was caught on a national television camera playing the game during Wednesday's debate about whether Norway would take part in any U.S.-led military action against Iraq.

Helleland, who leads a parliamentary committee, said he was sorry he had been tempted to try out the new game as he was checking his handheld PC diary for the day's meetings.

"I realize it was very stupid of me. I will not do it again," he told Reuters. "I had obviously turned off the sound."

To those who try to play games when they should be working, we salute you!

Thanks to Sway in the forums for that one.


Elysium, I think we have our candidate for the next interview.

I wonder what he was playing.

Now if I could just get AC2 to work through our corperate firewall.... duh'o boss coming.

The hand-held version of C&C Generals, trying to predict the outcome of the war.  Just one shot from the American Particle Cannon can end it.  Why isn't the Particle Cannon option on the table?

What's the big deal? The way Dubyah talks, a war with Iraq would be about as easy as shooting a redeemer into a barrel full of n00bs. Just make sure you are on the other side of the map when it hits.