No 8th Season for Buffy


It almost pains me to follow my Dr. Jenkins interview with this, relatively fluff, piece of news, but I know for a fact that we have rabid Buffy fans among our readership, and we haven't had much television news for you recently, so here it is.  According to it looks increasingly as though there will be no 8th season of Buffy on UPN.

For many of you, this is as troubling as a cloudy day.  For others, this might very well lead to much wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

Read more for details:

According to the rumor on SciFi's newswire:

A source close to Fox Television, which produces Buffy the Vampire Slayer for UPN, has told SyFy Portal a rumor that the network won't bring the show back for an eighth season.

"There is a whole different attitude at UPN right now, and it's not the same attitude that first brought Buffy to the network in the first place," the anonymous source said. Les Moonves, president of UPN parent CBS, reportedly wants ratings winners and nothing else, the source added.

Joss Whedon appears to be on a roll, though not a positive one.  The article suggests that had Les Moonves had his say two years ago UPN never would have picked up the show.  It's important to note that there has been no official word from UPN.

- Elysium


Well I love Buffy, but I think its a good thing. I absolutely hate it when shows overstay thier welcome *cough*Simpsons*cough*, and Buffy going out this season just seems right. Alot of the cast has expressed feelings toward the same end, and even Whedon has said something to that effect. This season would be a great last season, I think.

Of course, if they had ended after the 5th season, I wouldve been okay with that too. I love it when series end with a bang, and the 5th season was my favorite. Im not really for the "This show will last as long as were paid to do it" theory, when the quality of the show begins to wain, its time to start the endgame. I think its that time for Buffy, to start winding down. Its still some of the best stuff on TV, and I think itd be great to go out on that note, instead of wandering on, becoming a parody of yourself that is obviously inferior to the original content *cough*Simpsons again*cough*.

Whew, I must have a cold.

I agree with Pyro, I enjoy Buffy (especialy the DVds) but they have a had a great run, no sense in dragging it out.

I'd much rather they go out this way, where there's an actual scripted ending to the series, instead of just stopping because the show didn't get renewed.

Mmm *cough*X-files*cough*.

One of the best shows on TV but I do agree, be true to the theme and write the story out well instead of eternal fizzle.

I swear they are trying to kill off angle too though, what the hell is up with putting it against West Wing? I actualy had to get one of hte old vcr's out of the closest to get both of them :(. Sure wish somboy would make a tv or reply with about 5 tuners.

Yeah, I'd much rather see a "proper" end to the show, rather than an abrupt end. Like, say "The Pretender" which I'd been watching in syndication on Showcase until the ending to Season 4 punched me in the solar plexus.

Hopefully Angel will get the chance to tie some stuff up too, since The WB seems keen on axing it.

 I agree with the show going out on a high but damn! with Firefly and farscape being cancelled what the hell am I going to watch? and beside I like (Evil) Willow!

I too will be sad to see it go, but I would much rather that, than dragging it out and having it turn into a stinking pile of crap!