Lucas Arts Consolidates to Produce Mass Mediocrity


Rather than spread the mediocrity around in small piles, George Lucas now plans to consolidate his companies and form a giant crap machine that will produce all of its horriblness in one location. This means Lucasfilm, LucasArts Entertainment, Lucas Licensing and Lucas Digital will be combined and known as Lucasfilm Ltd.

Despite my sarcasm I actually think this is a pretty good idea and may benefit their games division greatly. At any rate, the change won't come until 2005.


Give me another TIE Fighter, you man-whores! I want nothing else!

At any rate, the change won't come until 2005.

Until the prequels are done! This will benefit thier Games division greatly, cause they wont have to make prequel sh*t anymore, and they can spend this new access to ILM and Skywalker Sound on original titles. Or sequels to original titles, I don't care, just please dear God don't make Bombad Racing, ever again.