Demo Day


We've had a boat load of demos come out today! Rather than make up a seperate post for each one I figured we had might as well toss them all up in one post. Read on!

Enclave Demo: As reported earlier, it weighs in at 190 megs and you can grab it at any of these fine websites: Worthplaying, 3DGamers, FileShack, GamersHell, 4Players

You can read my impressions here.

1503AD Demo: I've only played the tutorial so far but those of you into RTS games, ship trading, settlment building etc. may like this one. The buzz is that it was very popular in Europe. Worthplaying, FileShack, EA

Rayman 3 Demo: Another fat demo at 183 megs. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure most of you know what to expect from a Rayman game. Grab it at Gamesweb.

Thanks EA!

- Certis