Enclave Demo and Quick Impressions


Remember Enclave on the Xbox? It was met with some average reviews across the board but we can always hope that Starbreeze managed to improve the game for the PC release. Then again, why hope? Let's all just wallow in self-pity and decide right now that nothing ever improves and deep down inside, we really hate videogames.

Or we can just download the 190 meg demo and see for ourselves, that will work too. Sierra or Fileshack should do the trick.

Read More for some quick and dirty impressions!

I've never played the Xbox version so I don't know what's different but based on the (short) demo I think it's safe to say a few things.

1) It's very sexy looking
2) The combat is straight forward hack-n-slash
3) You have to deal with a checkpoint system
4) The AI seems to be pretty dumb, just charge charge charge
5) Playing both the light or the dark side is a pretty neat concept

There you go, 1:00 AM impressions on a demo hot off the uhh... servers. I'm going to bed now.

Thanks to Valcron in the forums for the heads up!


its interesting.

hard as hell to hit anything with a bow.  i couldnt figure out how to switch ammo either.

its a definite maybe.  the 12 character classes piques my curiosity.  the bottomless pits of death/respawn dont.

If you check the controller config, the key to switch arrow ammo is the item button. Whatever you have that configured to anyways.

i had no idea where the controller config is.  i stumbled onto the potion button and the weapon switch button through punching every key on the keyboard.  i found it odd that you cant navigate menus with the mouse.  it definitely could use an auto map feature.  i stood there clicking everything trying to get the sorceress to join me.  after 5 minutes i just ran and lo and behold she followed me.

what was the problems/complaints with the xbox version?  when i can afford an xbox i might pick it up.  unless of course, the pc version is supposed to be vastly improved.