Unreal 2 Demo Denied


The official Unreal 2 forums contains news that there will be no demo forthcoming on the recently gone gold title. The reasons given are that everyone is much too busy doing other stuff that's like, really important. They're about to launch a potentially huge selling FPS, what could they possibly be doing that's more important than marketing that with a proper demo?

The obvious answer would be that the game doesn't perform well and they don't want users seeing that before it hits shelves. It could also be a bug ridden pile and they need to focus their time on getting the first patch ready for day one of sales. Who knows what the real reason is but I don't think I'll be jumping on the pre-order bandwagon and neither should you. Read on for the actual post.

There was never any time in the development schedule to produce a demo. Unfortunately, Legend wonÂ"˜t have time to create one now as theyÂ"˜re moving on to other things. In the mean time, we hope to create something thatÂ"˜ll keep you occupied.

I canÂ"˜t reveal too much right now as weÂ"˜ve yet to hammer out all of the details.

As much as weÂ"˜d like to create a Â"˜trueÂ"˜ demo, itÂ"˜s simply not possible. Legend have moved on to other projects and the production of a demo - even from already existing levels would require time and effort that we just donÂ"˜t have. It would then have to go through QA - another organization that is working on other projects and cannot dedicate time to a UII demo. ItÂ"˜s all about the allocation of Â"˜assetsÂ"˜.

However, as I mentioned above, we plan to put something out that as you say - will allow people to see what the game looks and plays like without any editing or Â"˜tricksÂ"˜. Raw gameplay.

ItÂ"˜s going to be hard to get this video out before launch (the game will be on shelves on the 4th (USA), 7th (Europe)), but I hope that we have it online before too long. WeÂ"˜ll try to spread it as far and wide as we did the UT2003 demo.

Unreal Brand Manager
Infogrames Inc.


another possibility is that they couldnt get a demo ready in a reasonable time frame....  hahahahahaahaha!

ok, ok, that was a good one.

It's a simple forumla and every time I have ignored it Have been unhappy. No demo, no pruchase.