MOO 3 (finally) Gold!


Good news! According to Yahoo news Master of Orion 3 has gone gold. According to the press release, it should hit stores "as early as February 25th" which is a long time to wait but who cares! It's gold and it's finally coming. Read more for the press release.

Thanks for the news Rat Boy!BEVERLY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 24, 2003--Infogrames, Inc. a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today that the highly-anticipated and long-awaited sequel in the space epic Master of Orion® 3 has gone Gold and will ship to retail as early as February 25, 2003.

"Master of Orion 3 is the definitive game for building civilization in space," says Nancy MacIntyre, Vice President of Marketing for Infogrames, Inc.'s Beverly, MA studio. "This game offers a truly immersive experience into all of the science fiction mystery, intrigue and adventure fans have come to expect from the Master of Orion® franchise and we're sure that fans everywhere will find it worth the wait."

In Master of Orion 3, the sequel to one of the best-loved strategy games of all time, players assume the biggest role ever. No longer do players merely represent petty interplanetary dictators. Players become the controlling power behind an entire galactic civilization; the dictators, presidents, councils, and overlords that come and go are merely pawns in the player's arsenal. One must use these governments, their citizens, and their leaders to secure the destiny of their civilization, to manipulate policies of freedom and oppression in both foreign and domestic arenas. It is not enough to be an able economist or a great starship captain to succeed in Master of Orion 3; considerable political, administrative, research, and espionage skills must be applied to claim the title of Master of Orion.

Featuring a robust Single Player game and up to 8-player simultaneous turn-based Multiplayer, Master of Orion 3 is the definitive 5X Space Strategy game; Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate and now Experience grand strategy as you never have before.

Master of Orion 3 is being developed by veteran developer of classic strategy games Quicksilver Software, Inc and features a wide range of multi-player and solitaire play options, 16 highly-distinctive alien races, crisp graphics and an intuitive user interface. Master of Orion 3 is available for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP PCs.


I find the 2-25 date kind of odd, seeing how supposedly the boxes and manuals and micellany have been done and ready since November.

Had this shipped on date I would have picked it up on the realease day. However with all the delays I am left hoping they were used to fine tune and polish an addictive game, rather than try to turn a bug ridden mess into something that resembled fun. So anyway I think I will be waiting for some reviews on this one.