Nintendo Makes Strides


With plans to launch a new Gamecube promotion on February 9th that will allow buyers to pick a game of their choice from a select list it would seem that Nintendo is finally waking up and smelling the competition. The games you get to choose from are pretty solid too:

Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 0, Star Fox Adventures or Mario Party 4

So this is good, anyone who buys the already cheap console for $149 gets to choose from a list of four solid games to take free with the system. Nintendo has even started a "Gamers Choice" line of discounted titles similar to the PS2's Greatest Hits collection. The first three games released will be Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. Melee at a price point of $29.95. This isn't nearly as impressive as Sony's huge line of Greatest Hits that retail for $24.95 Us or less but it's a start. Let's hope console makers continue to try and outdo each other so we can reap the rewards.

- Certis   


Speaking of cheap Gamecube games, I saw that Sega's Beach Spikers was $10 at Best Buy, and Tony Hawk 3 was $15. 

Beach Spikers at $10 is a steal. If Sega had priced it a little more reasonably at launch, it might have sold some more copies. As it stands, single player is a little lacking, but 4-person multiplayer is really, really good.

I think those prices are only in US Best Buys, unfortunately. I'd love to pick up Beach Spikers, but it's still 80 bucks (CDN) almost everywhere, and $70 used, if you can even find it.