DDR Prices Plummet


Caught this story over at Voodoo Extreme, and then verified it through my personal shopper Price Watch.  Looks like if you've been holding out on upgrading your system memory with some DDR sticks, then the time has come to belly up.  Read more for details.

Here's the scoop:

DOUBLE DATA RATE (DDR) prices are crashing through the floor today amidst claims that some of the big memory manufacturers, the Dramurai, are dumping stock like there's no tomorrow.

For example, 256MB DDR modules are costing as little as $36 and that's causing a number of brokers and memory dealers to clear up their stock, big time.

The Chinese New Year appears to be one reason for the swift decline in prices, but there's also a move by one or two manufacturers to empty their warehouses of DRAM, for tax and accounting reasons.

In fact, DDR 32MX8 chips are at a 52 week low – so there's not many reasons to be cheerful if you're a Dramurai in 2003.

Ok wallet, it's just me and you.  There's no reason to tell her about this.  It'll just be our little secret!

-  Elysium


Ah, now I can rebuild my wife's computer with a new mobo and DDR Ram.

Sound funny? Now I'll have a 2nd computer that's primed for gaming.