Dark Forces IV; Jedi Knight III; Jedi Outcast II in Works


HomeLAN's got word through a fiscal conference call that a sequel to Jedi Knight 2; Jedi Outcast is in the works for Activision.  No press release is available, and no word on whether Outcast developer Raven Software will be involved, much less what engine we can expect to enjoy. 

Mara Jade, anyone?


Please, Please,don't put in anymore horribly tricky jumping puzzles or sections designed to get you lost!

WOW!!  Three new Star Wars games!

I'm there.  I've played through JKII's SP 5 or 6 times.  Another game, even with the same tech, sounds like plenty of fun to me.

Hopefully they won't fiddle around the controls and moves too much; I was just getting unbeatable in JK2.