The Getaway Ships


The long hyped Playstation 2 game The Getaway should be showing up on retailer shelves in the next day or two.  A game doomed to be compared with Grand Theft Auto 3, The Getaway puts the player into the driver's seat of criminal underground London, though the comparison between the two ends at any discussion of open-ended gameplay.  Famed for its long development time, over-budget production, and extremely violent nature, The Getaway has not, thus far, been graced with praising reviews.  Early reviews have been a mixed bag.  Still, if you can't live without a new game to carjack your way through, and the idea of an interactive London bloodbath entices you, then The Getaway might be for you.

- Elysium


This game is crap.  Don't waste your money. There are *so* many preowned copies available in UK game stores, it's not even funny. 

Rhyming unintentional.