Ring To DVD (Not That Ring)


Fans of last year's thriller The Ring will be pleased to discover that it's making its way to DVD in slightly over a month. Fans of the original Japanese film will be even happier to discover that the film is finally making its way across the Pacific and hitting the US on the same day. Aint it Cool reports that:

On March 4th, Dreamworks is releasing a special edition DVD of THE RING, complete with an all-new 15-minute experimental short film created by director Gore Verbinski exclusively for the video release [that] reveals more electrifying secrets that bring viewers closer to understanding the mystery of The Ring. On the same day, theyÂ're releasing the original Japanese film as well with a newly-created digital film-to-video transfer and a new 5.1 Japanese Digital Surround mix.
- Elysium


The US remake isn't out here in the UK yet AFAIK, but the Jap originals are on cable movie channels every now and then, and they're *scary*.



This movie petrified the holy hell out of me for....oh...a little over 7 days.  Seriously, I didn't sleep....my wife was starting to get worried...

I am such a hussy *****....