C&C Generals Gold


Good news for Command and Conquer fans late last night.  The latest version of the long running series, Generals, is reported by Bluesnews to have gone Gold.  The news comes from a Gamespot Preview of Generals which was granted a sneak peek at General's single player campaign "the day after Generals hit its final candidate milestone." 

Questions regarding system requirements are largely not addressed in the article, and no mention is made of how much optimization has gone into the code since the Multiplayer Test that debuted on Fileplanet this week.  There are mentions of only gameplay tweaks:

There have since been quite a few changes patched into the beta, and other feature additions were saved for the final game. Most of the tweaks involved unit balancing, and EA Pacific has run statistics during the beta that show that players are winning at even rates with the three factions--China, GLA, and USA.  

For those of you aching to know how well C&C Generals will run on your machine, you may just need to wait for its mid-February release.

- Elysium