Wireless Keyboard Wackiness


The Register reports that wireless HP keyboards are a large security risk thanks to an over-reaching signal strength. Users in Norway report picking up their neighbour's typing on their own screen when both use HP's wireless keyboards. In responce to this HP has removed the security guarantee from their product. Nice work!

When Wormnes phoned HP to complain, he was advised to "speak with all neighbors within a radius of 100m and switch his keyboard to a channel they weren't using.

"There must be 100 people in that area. It's impossible to talk with all of them," Wormnes told Aftenposten. "And that is not even the worst of it.

"If a neighbor wants to listen in, there is no way to stop them. I got a message from HP that another alternative was "not to write any sensitive information".

That could get embarrassing couldn't it? "Dammit Bill, I don't want to know why you're typing "sexy weasels in pink dresses" over and over again. Just stop it!"


What the hell with wireless keyboards anyway? I don't know about you guys, but my keyboard's cord never bothered me. I suppose I'd be in trouble if I wanted to type from another room but I'm not that type of guy.

I didn't know about the specific HP problem, but I knew that my Logitech had been confirmed unsecure. It's going to be a bigger issue as we continue down this wireless path. While I think the media tends to overstate the number of "evil criminal hackers" that are lurking behind every hub, I still think these are valid concerns. The chances may not be all that great that someone is going to snag my credit card number, but it would only have to happen once for me to start pointing fingers.

I only hope they can start securing this technology before someone starts intercepting my Wavebird transmissions and starts spying on all the mail I've sent in Animal Crossing.