Epic Births New Company


In a time when small developers are getting gobbled up by publishers at a record pace it's always nice to see an independent development house like Epic invest in some new ideas. This time, Epic has created a new company lead by Michael Capps, former lead developer of America's Army. For Michael and his crew, this is a real no-lose situation.

Michael's new development house, Scion Studios will be a group of twenty people who work just down the hall from Epic. According to Mark Reign, Epic will own Scion until they release two games and begin development on a 3rd. Once that comes to pass, Epic will pass full ownership over to the employees of Scion Studios. Scion is already hard at work on their first game and hopefully we'll learn more about it at this year's E3.

This is such a great way to do business, Epic essentially births a new company, pays the expenses and finds the publishing deals necessary to keep it afloat for the first few titles. After that, they cut them loose and more than likely retain some kind of royalty deal for the long term. Good job Epic!

You can grab a bit more info here.

- Certis


Interesting name, given the way they're working this.