Trolls Leave Bridge, Head to Court


GIE Media, a company that runs an online pest control site (PCT Online) is aiming to deal a deathblow to the ever-present internet troll.

GIE Media, a Cleveland company that runs the online pest-control portal PCT Online, is suing an Arkansas man who the company says is constantly leaving obnoxious and offensive messages on its Internet bulletin board and then, after he is banned from the site, sneaking back using fake names.

This screams PR stunt more than anything else but it would set an interesting precedent if they manage to pull it off. Thanks goes to Spunior for the tip!

- Certis


Maybe posting this guy's head on a pike for all trolls to see will end it for good.

I kinda like Rat Boy's idea.

Mr. Green, you're only encouraging him when you say things like that.

- Elysium

You damn right I am! Come on Rat Boy! You can do it !