Xbox Claims Second Place in Europe


Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like Microsoft and its scrappy little console have been in the news quite a bit lately.  With DOA volleyball quickly approaching release, Knights of the Old Republic on the horizon, and the terrific Panzer Dragoon fresh on the shelves, Seattle's Big MS seems to be keeping its best foot forward.  And now, Mirosoft claims to be outselling the Gamecube at a 2:1 ratio across Europe.

Read More for some specifics.According to GamespyDaily:
Xbox is now 'officially' the second largest console in Europe. Figures from Chart-Track and GfK Group have confirmed Microsoft's claim uttered last week by Chief Xbox Officer Robbert Bach.More than one million Xbox units were sold in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany last year. Combined sales in the entire region in December indicate that Xbox outsold GameCube by a factor of 2:1.

While there's no question, if accurate, that this is a boon for Microsoft, but I noticed also at PlanetGamecube that the Xbox is not having nearly the same level of success in Japan.  Here are Japan's console statistics for the week ending January 12.

  • Game Boy Advance: 95,400 (Annual: 95,400)
  • PlayStation 2: 79,095 (Annual: 79,095)
  • GameCube: 19,902 (Annual: 19,902)
  • Xbox: 3,900 (Annual: 3,900)
  • PSOne: 3,165 (Annual: 3,165)
  • Wonder Swan Crystal: 2,718 (Annual: 2,718)
  • Wonder Swan Color: 1,691 (Annual: 1,691)
  • Game Boy Color: 1,125 (Annual: 1,125)

- Elysium