DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball Site Launched


The official Dead or Alive: Extreme Volleyball site has launched with some new wallpapers and other goodies related to the upcoming Xbox title. Finally, teenage gamers have a game that will make them want to touch themselves more than touching their controllers. Not that they really need the encouragement..


"We're creating a Beach Volleyball game that we envisioned a long time ago. Yes, it will have beautiful women and some objectionable material. We're creating the game the way we want it to be, we are not striving for a Teen or Mature rating. Whatever ESRB gives us, is what we have to live with. We will not have any Sexual Intercourse or Penetration in the game, that is the only thing that can make it a Adults Only game. Having nudity will not necessarily mean will receive a Adults Only rating. Rated R movies is like having a Mature rating in a way. The game will not suffer in gameplay, just imagine the fluidness of DOA3 but playing VolleyBall. Plus, it's not only a VolleyBall game?"

There's not much point in complaining about the sexual gratuity since I know I'll be picking this up for the actual volleyball if the gameplay is solid. Knowing this, I might as well just surrender to the lameness of the rest of it.

Do pretend-women lesbian make-out scenes count as penetration? Lonely gamers everywhere want to know!

- Certis


Not ONE "B" world enough at that other sites :).




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There is a common sense line, we don't necessarily want crossed in the comments and forums. 

- Elysium

I hate this game. They aren't going out to build a great game.


I will not buy this.

I have a hard time positioning myself with this. I'm certainly not offended by it but it's not a selling point either. But why is it lame ? I'm not saying it's not, I'm really asking the question. I'm on the impression that we learned it was the "right" thing to say, and that we don't really think about it.

What I think is a little lame about it is that it's easy marketing, but to me it all comes down to how good the actual volleyball game is. If it sucks, then they only used the "babes" to sell us quickly made crap but what if it's a kick ass game? Is it still lame? On another forum I've once read someone saying it was insulting to women. Ok but why? What if the were all male "babes", would it be insulting to me? I'm not seeing why it would be. Would it be to you?

What do you really think about it ?

Honestly, I find I have no problem with this either. I find the whole thing rather amusing, yet not objectionable by any means. Look, if we can have "Debbie Does Dallas" and Wet T-Shirt Carwash 4" etc...why must games live up to some aloof standard? Especially when the target demographic for many games is pre-teen and teenage boys? They're catering to their market. It's not like games like BloodRayne, Tomb Raider, etc are getting by on just their gameplay. Sure, this is a bit more blatant, but who cares?

I won't be purchasing it, but that's because if i want pr0n I'll just get it on the net like everyone. Who knows? It might even turn out to be a decent volleyball game. I doubt it though, as I haven't played a fun volleball game since...geez I can't remember the name. It was something like Super Power Smash Volleyball or something for the NES, and your players could get power ups for super shots. That was fun.

What I find silly is calling a volleyball game Dead or Alive.  I mean, if you lose the game, do your players die?  Is the referee a zombie?  I realize there were earlier games in the series that were not volleyball related, but it just seems like a cheap marketing trick to use the same name on a completely different game.

I tend to agree with Certis.  If it's a good Volleyball game, then I'm not going to get my undies in a bunch over virtual bikinis.  It's sort of ridiculous the senseless titulation (stop giggling, I mean it) people are having over this game.  Hell say what you will about the moral fiber of the developer, but they're getting more free press for this volleyball game than they might have for 'Car Mechanic Monthly Volleyball'.  From a marketing standpoint, creating woman like shapes out of rounded polygons, and then inflating human body ratio will make them rich.  Honestly, how many xbox games have gotten more press than this recently? 

Still, I think for my gaming dollar this game has to live and die by how fun it is to play.  Anything else is just playing into their marketing strategy. 


Sure, this is a bit more blatant, but who cares?

I prefer it to be blatant. Its one of the reasons I like this game, that they know they are making softcore porn, with volleyball. Now that doesn't mean the volleyball will be bad, but it doesn't mean they are trying to fool anybody by saying "Its a great game, oh yeah and they have tits!" They are saying "We have tits and a great game!" I like that honesty. I also like titties.

Seriously though, I think there are room for games like this. I look at it as a sign of games becoming a more mature medium, the range of material they discuss. Up until now, its mainly been about survival, puzzle-solving and collection of random sh*t. Maybe we can explore other areas, like sex and friendship. The Sims started this trend, and I think its great its being explored further. I want to check the game out for the "dating sim" aspects of it, as much as the volleyball.

Of course, I also agree with Elysium, no matter what type of game you want to play, if it sucks, it sucks. If they just use tits to cover up bad gameplay, then toss it. But if any of it is a good game, the tits don't matter.

This game just gets funnier and funnier. Look at the captions for the screenshots.

"Only the professionals know how important a set of cat ears are to the game of beach volleyball. Can we just say mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwww!"

How can a game with captions like that be bad?

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If you ask me. Video games are viewed in a different light than movies because the general population thinks that videogames are for kids. When they see a game like this with scantily clad women, people will say "Oh my, I can't believe what they're putting in those kids games now."

Movies have that nifty rating system that everyone is familiar with because everyone goes to movies. The ESRB is not something non-gamers know about. Which is why you get angry aunts writing in letters to magazines that say GTA3 is a great game, when they go pick it up for their 12 year old nephew.

But a video game player is a toy, isn't it?

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C'mon Solomon, we love you more than he loves you.  We had to give you your first deleted comment!

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Do I start my rant about my freedom of speech being violated?

Elysium...if it is ok, i'm going to add you to an email thread a bunch of us indy dev's have...mostly it is just interesting gaming/gamer geek news from around the web, sometimes previews, releases and stuff in the indy games area. All of it is off the beaten path, and could give you some unique content if you deem it worthy.

Sure, that's fine.  You might want to localize it to just my e-mail, since we're trying to keep the [email protected] mailbox a bit thinner right now.  So, if you'd like to include me (but I will hunt you down if it is spam), include the [email protected] address.

You should definitely claim your freedom of speech has been violated.  I love a good laugh

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This game makes me sad. There are countless great concepts out there, concepts that have been pitched, approved, and in development. There are great games out there too. Games without nearly naked chicks bouncing around a volleyball court. What makes me sad is that those games will not get 1/10th the press, or 1/10th the sales, of this no brained tripe. We need strong, challenging, games to get the press and the sales if games are ever going to be taken seriously. For every person that is passioniate about games like Splinter Cell, Metroid Prime, or Animal Crossing, there are going to be ten people that will remember games (and by extension gamers) as the refuge of T&A crap like this.