SEGA of America President Steps Down


C-net reports that SEGA of America's President Peter Moore has stepped down from his post after four years. The position will be immediatly filled by Tetsu Kayama, SEGA's former chief operating officier. This comes after an announcement in November that SEGA's profits would be significantly lower than originally forcasted for this fiscal year. Read on..

SEGA now expects to make $41.2 million for the fiscal year, compared with previous estimates of $148.4 million. SEGA points to the low sales of NFL 2K3 for the low revenues although some might suggest a company that wants to make money should focus on the PS2 a bit more.

It would also help if they were a bit more consistent in the quality of their releases since they went multi-platform. I do believe big ticket games like NFL 2K3 shouldn't have obvious bugs and erratic AI opponents, especially when you're trying to take on a huge established franchise like Madden.

Come on SEGA, make me love you again!

- Certis


Anybody else think that "Peter Moore" is a great porn star name?