Ultimate Game Rooms


Do you ever get harassed for owning too many games? Does your wife try to sneak your boxes of old titles out to the curb every week? If so, point her to The Ultimate Game Rooms section of Digital Press which has some of the most insane "game rooms" you've ever seen.

Check it out here, it's hard to believe some people manage to keep so many titles.


I'm almost the polar opposite of guys like this. I tend to take a trip to EB every couple months to trade in the titles I'm not playing anymore. Gaming is constantly leading me towards shiny new titles so I barely have time to finish what I have, let alone go back to play an old game again.

- Certis


My gamerooms way more ultimate than that. I've got both Mafia AND No One Lives Forever 2 AND Thief 2: The Metal Age on budget on my shelf. And absolutely nothing else after I sold it all to upgrade my PC.

DVD style cases too.




It appears some of these guys live in what I could only term as a 'basement' (both figuratively and literally).  I wonder if it is, perhaps, the basement of their parents?  It's just possible, ya know.


I think after showing my wife those pictures she will be glad I am not a "real" addict like those guys. And maybe I can then convince her that I need a gaming laptop and WiFi so I can play games anywhere in the house.

i feel much better about myself now...