GeForce FX Late, Still Fixing Make-Up


Despite earlier indications to the contrary, it looks like Nvidia's next graphics card won't be hitting shelves until late February at the earliest.

This according to x-bit labs:

Our sources at NVIDIA indicated that the company experienced the low yields with their 500MHz GeForce FX chips. Later than expected roll-out may be conditioned by either very low yields and inability to deliver significant amount of processors, or certain changes in the design of the VPU being made in order to improve the yields.

Low yields? What was it an Nvidia rep said in a recent interview?

[NH]: We'd like to know what you think of ATi snatching the "performance crown", perhaps a bit unexpected, from you?

[nV]: There's no doubt that the 9700 Pro is a fast videocard. However ATi will not stay at the throne for very long. We are confident that the GeForce FX will bring the performance leadership crown back to nVidia. Our competition will all have the same challenges we have faced with the move to 0.13 micron technology so we feel we have made the right choice making this move now.

Maybe ATI has the right idea. Am I the only one who thinks Nvidia is starting to seem a little like 3dfx lately?

- Certis


This card is going to bomb horribly. nVidia have reached the end of the line I reckon. John Carmack certainly seems to think so too and when is he ever wrong.

If the card was as good as they say it is then the tech-sites would have their hands all over the boards by now.


Mmm maybe, I have no religion about this I flip back and forth on who to buy cards from based on when I'm buying but .13 has the potential to make a huge difference over time. nVidia also tends to offer better support, ATI is very a much "if you need help it's your problem" kind of company, best exhibited by their long distance toll call support and slow E-mail support. On the other hand my 8500 (now in my wifes box) has been a hell of card and I actually miss the color saturation on my TI 4600.'ll be eating your words come March. Oh'll be eating your words! Uwa ha ah ha ah haha hahaha <hack> ha!!

I never believed the FX really existed anyway.

I do hope nVidia survives, though, they're making all sorts of wonderful partnerships with Intel and the like.