D'oh! I mean ... woohoo


Not sure if this is good or bad, depends on your level of faith I suppose, but the Simpsons have been picked up by Fox through 2005.  In case you're counting, that will push the venerable animated series through 16, yes sixteen, seasons making the Simpsons the longest running situation comedy (if one can call it that) in history.  Similarly Fox's King of the Hill has been renewed for one more season though it will be bumped to its old 7:30 EST/6:30 CST time slot. 


Here's a link to the full CNN story.


What's interesting is that I remember someone connected with the series (Matt Groening? maybe...) saying that they felt the show had run out of new and fresh ideas and that they would probably quit soon.

Makes me wonder if their hearts are in this or if its just for the money. Doesn't really matter to me as long as it keeps me laughing.

And the doctor said I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I stopped sticking my finger up there.


Thank you, Az.  It's not often I actually Laugh Out Loud.  Usually I just say it (LOL), but, ya know, I don't mean it.  Go banana!.  I actually laughed.

I may have scared the cat.

I think the show lost it's edge for the last few years, but it has been coming back a little this season. Let's hope they keep it up for the next few years.

'I bent my wookie' - Ralph Wiggum

Who would have ever thunk that the longest running sitcom would be a cartoon? Of course, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The characters never age so you never have to make that "puberty episode". The plots and settings can be as exotic as the writes can imagine ("Save me, Jeebus!"). They have a cast of hundreds of characters to incorporate into any episode ("Disco Stu doesn't advertise"). It's the only show I still go out of my way to watch each week. This is great news, indeed.

I think they need to work on incorporating more story into the shows again like the earlier seasons. Just yesterday I saw the one where grandpa gets a job writing Itchy and Scratchy episodes through Bart and Lisa's submissions. A couple neat plots in there AND a ton of funny sh*t.

Now The Simpsons has become a parody of itself.

Wow that's a long time. It's going to take forever to get these all on DVD. ;=

Man this is nice to hear. Simpsons is one of my favorite shows next to the Daily Show. Hopefully they can keep making them hilarious, some of the episodes lately havent been that funny in my opinion.

If I'd have read that a year ago then I'd have been bitching and moaning, but it's really picked up. The episode where Homer gets hooked on medicinal marijuana was an absolute classic. Even the halloween episode was better than it has been since like Season 5.

Wishing that it was Futurama they were extending until then though, surely with that many episodes of the Simpsons they could just save themselves some money and rerun them and no one would ever notice.


Now The Simpsons has become a parody of itself.


Several people on here though are saying its picked up lately. Maybe Ill give it another shot. The last episode I watched was the last Halloween episode, which was atrocious.