It Starts


With Star Wars: Episode II having made its way through theaters, and onto DVD filling George Lucas' olympic sized money pool to near overflowing, the attention must finally turn to the end.  Fox News has an interview with art-house director Lucas about his plans for Episode III and beyond.  Aptly titled George Lucas 'All Set For Failue', within Lucas discusses how he will remain faithful to his original vision of Anakin's fall while tying Episode II neatly into Episode IV.  Then, says Geoge, he's off to be a failure!

"I'm going to go from complete success to complete failure," he told me, without a wink or a smile. On the contrary, Lucas said he anticipates utter rejection from his fans once Star Wars concludes. "I'm going to make a bunch of movies like THX," he said, referring to his earliest effort. "And if people don't like it, too bad. There will be no Schindler's List or Saving Private Ryan for me," he said of pal Steven Spielberg's "serious" movies."There won't be any big dramas or Oscars."

No Oscars?  What?  Really?

For those of you who like a little conspiracy with your coffee, the original version of this article as reported at AintItCool, contained Lucas discussing the difficulties of creating nine two-hour movies from one book.  The Fox article has since been updated to read six movies.  A slip?  A misquote?  Secret CIA plan?

- Elysium


I think either he (Lucas) or the interviewer had a flashback to when there really were gonna be 9 movies (at one time, before the whole prequel mess started, that was his plan... 4, 5, and 6 were the middle three chapters).

And to think we were all yelling "make it stop, make it stop" through the prequels, imagine if there were 3 more movies we were subjected to.

No thanks, I'm convinced that all that Lucas touches these days turns to ass.

Not exactly a minority opinion these days, either.

God, and to think that at one point I was looking forward to these prequels.

Don't beat yourself up too badly.  I think millions of people were.

Thank God for books and Peter Jackson.

Amen to that.